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Barrier Fluid

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Fluid Barrier was created with the following functions :

  • Brightening
  • Fix Skin Barrier
  • Rejenuvating
  • Clear Complexion
  • Hyper Pigmentatio
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Fluid Barrier was created with the following functions :

  • Brightening
  • Fix Skin Barrier
  • Rejenuvating
  • Clear Complexion
  • Hyper Pigmentation


Niacinamide 5%: Niacinamide can concurrently rebuild healthy skin cells while also protecting them from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Treats hyperpigmentation. Some research has found 5 percent niacinamide concentrations can be helpful in lightening dark spots.

Alpha Arbutin: Alpha arbutin is a powerful skin brightener that targets dark spots, Arbutin suppresses melanin activity in the skin, helping to decrease unwanted pigment that can occur due to sun exposure. Thanks to its antiinflammatory properties, it also useful for fading scars

Kojic: addition to skin-lightening effects, kojic acid also contains some antimicrobial properties. It may help fight off several common types of bacterial strains even in small dilutions. This can help treat acne caused by bacteria in the skin. It may also lighten scars from acne that haven’t faded yet

HMW HA: High molecular weight HA (HMW-HA) works as a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to help retain moisture, this improves hydration and plumpness in the skin, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mulberry : mulberry extract has amazing skin lightening benefits. It helps in lowering the production of melanin in the skin thus reducing the dark spots and uneven skin tone. Mulberry extract has strong antioxidants, antiinflammatory properties for the skin, help with uneven skin tone, skin-replenishing, reduce the appearance of scars, age spots, and other forms of discoloration driven by sun exposure or the aging process.

Licorice root extract: Licorice root extract helps to brighten and soothe itchy and irritated skin. It can be used in formulations that are specifically made to treat dark spots. A formulation with licorice in skin brightening serums and sheet masks can give you brighter, glowing skin over a period with regular use

Cucumber extract 10%: It helps in reducing dark spots. Cucumber contains astringent, lightening, and cooling properties, effectively treating dark spots. It also boosts collagen levels in the skin and thus, helps in the cell regeneration process. provides instant hydration and helps strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier to prevent future dehydration.


  We are extremely happy to share our new launch barrier fluid with our loved ones. Mainly helps a lot for hyperpigmentation , brighten overall skin,repair skin barrier,achieve clear complexion. What so special about our barrier fluid? we use Aloe vera
liquid and rose water as a base , so there’s no distilled water added. Our fluid is noncomedogenic so its face to use all type of skin. Deep hydration and repair damaged skin barrier. Malgar will give you skin loving ingredients and long term safe



Single Fluid 15% Off, Twin Fluid 25% Off


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